He wanted to.

Sometimes things can be touching for you, and you’re not even sure why. That was me yesterday, when the kids were doing the Palm Sunday parade.

Maybe it was because we’d just been discussing whether or not our mega-church could manage it, because of having to fit in two services, organizing such a crowd of kids, etc., and doubting they could. Maybe it was because I’m generally “worked up” a little more at this time of year, having been in preparation for 40 days. Or maybe it was just because I love kids. This is what the kids used to do in our previous church, and so it is one thing that has not changed, regardless of the huge change we’ve been through.

Did you do anything special to celebrate the beginning of Holy Week? I decorated for Easter–LOVE the way my decorations look in my new home. Even though they are spread out more, they look much more artful when not all “piled together”. And right on cue, my Easter Lily has opened its first bloom. It requires going right up to it to smell that heavenly fragrance–not like in Toronto, where it easily filled that smaller space. I suppose one could always buy more than one… not sure how many it would take though!

Sam read something yesterday, I think it was an article in India, where they were explaining to those who wondered what in the world Palm Sunday was: “the day that Christians celebrate their decision to crucify Jesus.” Insert rueful chuckle.

That does have some ironic truth to it. Because who knows which member of the crowd we would have been? The ones who hid in fear, the ones who zealously believed it was the right thing to do, maybe even the ones who yelled, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” The point is, Christians are the ones who realize they DID crucify Jesus, knowing that their sin, my sin, is the whole reason God allowed it all to happen–actually, planned it right from the beginning. It was His decision, but we did it.

“He got us out of the mess we’re in and restored us to where he always wanted us to be. And he did it by means of Jesus Christ.” (Romans 3:24)

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Yes, it can.

To get caught up on my #40acts : I’m supposed to brag about someone. Hmmm… do I have to? Hahaha, yes I do have to, because I’m pretty good at “yelling” at this person quite often! And now you know who I’m talking about: my husband.

But in fact, I have been thinking lately, again, of all the things I would never have done if it hadn’t been for him (remember my anniversary post quite awhile ago: I wouldn’t have pulled a trailer to go camping, wouldn’t have taken that college course, wouldn’t have stuck to various long & arduous jobs, etc.). We probably would never have been able to move to Ottawa, without his constant “we can do it” attitude. (On the other hand, I never would have moved AWAY if it hadn’t been for him, lol!)

It’s not only the “stick-to-it” thing (for some activities), but the fearless bravado at trying new things, that is worth bragging about. That is a huge part of the foundation for our company (which he and my son started in 2013). After all, that’s how new things get invented–by innovative thinkers who insistently fly in the face of all those who keep saying “it can’t be done”.

“In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise your name for ever.” Psalm 44:8

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Spring: Loading, Please wait.

Hahaha, remember that joke from a couple of years ago, where a program called “Spring” came up with a 404 Error, or something like that? Sam came across an error the other day that said “Impossible Error”. That’s what this is, because it’s just not possible that Spring will not come!

Once more I’m reminded of a Ziggy cartoon from about 50 years ago, where Ziggy talked about the birds cheering on Spring. Then he sees a snowflake fall, and begins to shout, “C’mon Spring! Go Spring!”

The snow that we had recently was a good thing though, as far as I’m concerned, since I wanted to go cross-country skiing one more time. Which I did, last night! The staff wasn’t even there to collect my $3, but the trails were still groomed! They were practically solid ice, but it still worked quite alright. My idea had been to ski on a clear night, but it didn’t actually get dark until I was all finished. That’s another good thing, since one had to watch carefully for the twiggy spots, plus a couple of small bare-ground spots. The length by the beach was almost perfect though, as usual! Of course, my brother would find that length pittance-poor short, lol.

So I was able to get up speed for a bit, anyway, and didn’t fall until right near the end. It was a Small Fall, which I had no trouble getting up from, without even taking off my skis. I insisted on doing that, even though there was such a short bit left to do–since this was likely the very last time to ski. I’m not putting away my ski clothing though, until the snow is almost all gone; because there’s still something I haven’t done: ski with a friend, or with my niece. Both of them mentioned another place nearby (Nepean Sportsplex) that has good ski trails.

Today though, is time to get all excited about my Wood Floor Job (remember, I’m crazycathie)! If you’ve been around here for awhile, you know that this is something that really makes me feel like Spring (or Christmas, depending)! It’s even more exciting this year, being the very first time to do it in our new home. So while the guys are vacuuming the stairs, I’ll be sweeping the basement floor, and then it’ll be time for the hardest/longest part of the job: moving everything on the main floor and vacuuming all the corners. The actual mopping of the floor is the easy part.

First though, I’m going to go and find a way to tell Mooney’s Bay how much I’ve appreciated them running that cross-country skiing, so perfect for “beginners” like me! It’ll be a 40 acts thing. ;)

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Good reputations are not always good…

Up on your feet! Take a deep breath! Maybe there’s life in you yet.

But I wouldn’t know it by looking at your busywork; nothing of God’s work has been completed. Your condition is desperate.

Think of the gift you once had in your hands, the Message you heard with your ears–grasp it again and turn back to God.

If you pull the covers back over your head and sleep on, oblivious to God, I’ll return when you least expect it, break into your life like a thief in the night.

Just had to share that neat quote from The Message, Revelation 3:2-3, which I came across in the sermon yesterday. As the pastor said about churches, “The minute we say, we got this, and stop watching carefully, the devil is scaling the walls.

I know the feeling of being defensive about my (former) church, and the temptation to be proud of it. Not that there isn’t a good way to be proud. And there are always people to answer, who are good at finding things to complain about; but the pastor giving gentle warnings is not one of those!

Like we’ve said before, it’s so easy for well-intentioned people to get so involved in “doing good” (“busywork”), that they’ve forgotten to check if that good is actually the right thing–what God has led them to do.

Our new church has a lot of programs going, but I do see a lot of prayer going on at the same time; and they are careful to keep a “grasp” on that Message/the Bible. So that’s great! But I can also see a temptation to be too proud of their history, both past and present. Like the church in Sardis, who had a good reputation but had been lulled to sleep. Imagine, being so busy, and yet “dead” at the same time!

Solution: like it says in the quote, they needed to “grasp again” the Message. To be filled with Life, be filled with Jesus–and scripture is where you learn more of him.

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Spring V. 1.0

Yep, I’m convinced: I’ve said everything there is ever to say, in all my previous blog posts, so there’s nothing left! Maybe it’s time to start just sharing previous posts. For example, I’m enjoying my Lent theme from two years ago, which should have been shared awhile ago, since Lent is almost over. (No humility here! :P)

However, I do have at least one friend who might be interested in what goes on in this part of the world. I’m always interested to read just what’s happening in her life, so maybe I should return the favour, sometimes.

What does this picture make you think of? How about, “the Sap is running, and Spring is coming!!”

maple syrup season at ChristinesThis is my brother-in-law, taking time out from his very busy renovating business, tapping the maple trees on my sister’s property near Peterborough, Ontario. She says two pails like this got her 2 cups! She had to be very patient about boiling it down slowly, sitting outside with it for 2 days (and the weather got cooler again). The pails are now going back up for more dripping, although it’s been a slow drip, she says, not being quite the right weather. She loves it though! I wonder if it tastes even better than the real maple syrup that you buy? Once you taste real maple syrup at all, you’re spoiled for anything else!

Meanwhile, there has been some more snow today, so perhaps I’ll be able to get in a moonlight cross-country ski, yet! We’ll see what it’s like on Monday.

And yes, I know it is “Spring” already–I’ve been able to go for walks without my scarf, and the sun is slowly moving more and more into my kitchen/family room, when it shines. There are even some spots of brown grass showing in the fields. It still feels almost as cold on our way out to the hot tub though!


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You have no idea what might suddenly change…

Boy oh boy, can’t believe how seldom I’m posting these days! When it’s time to read this season over day by day, I’ll have to resort to clicking on some tags or something.

Being quiet most of the time means that when I say something, people will sit up and listen, right? HA! :D

What’s on my mind today, has to do with some conversations/situations I’ve noticed, on facebook and elsewhere. Some career-aged “kids” are getting jobs, even finding their niche, while others are sorely tempted to be jealous of them–quite a few others. To them, it feels like that 40 years in the desert! But the fact is, waiting, and waiting, will eventually come to an end. Jesus didn’t start his life-work until he was 30. I wonder how he felt in all those waiting-years, once he became an adult?

My present journey through Genesis has brought me to Joseph. Remember how he was sold into slavery, and then after years of faithful service, thrown into jail for something he did not do. Even in jail, he remained faithful to God; but when it seemed his chance of a better situation may have come, the butler forgot to tell Pharoah about it, for another few years. When that amazing turnaround for his life came, which was something no one could have possibly imagined happening–Pharoah gave him such status that he was just below the king–Joseph was 30 years old (Genesis 41:46).

The other thing about Joseph: he was very upset about what had happened to him, and you can tell that even all those years after leaving his home country, he was still homesick for it. Because when he named his first two children, he talks about forgetting his hardship (finally), and “the land of my sorrow”. (Genesis 41:51-52)

What are you learning/being reminded of these days?

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More nothings

We almost had a “routine” week around here, except for sitting down to do taxes, twice (because of the address-change thing)! And then we had to make a business trip yesterday. We’re in the process of buying some land in Quebec for the business, so schedules will be up in the air for awhile, until this gets settled. We never know when we’ll have to go and sign papers or something, and there’s a lot of in-between waiting. If it all works out though, it’ll be an exciting time of growth!

I do have a couple of days in each week set aside for things like that, but that doesn’t mean things will happen on those particular days of course.

Does anyone else have certain things written down on their regular schedule, that they never, ever do? You know, things like dusting, spring cleaning…. I’ve added to my job list a couple of things that are noticeably dusty (furnace grates, and the tops of the light shades over the kitchen sink), but who knows when those things will ever get done? In fact, I’m so used to seeing them there, that I usually look at a day with nothing but that task and think “Oh yay, there’s nothing to do today!” :\

Anyway NEXT week is shaping up to be a busy one–the Fun kind of Busy. Tomorrow we’re off to my aunt’s 80th birthday in Kingston, and then a long-awaited visit with Rej’s sister. When we return there’s a niece from up North who is going to hang around for a day’s visit (YAY, I get to show off my new Home again!) The day after that, we’re making plans to meet a bunch of Rej’s sisters who are in Town on a bus trip, so more lots-of-eating times!

Somewhere in all of that I’m hoping to go for a haircut; my bangs are so head-achy long that I’ll have to curl them up tomorrow.

“We humans keep brainstorming options and plans, but God’s purpose prevails.” (Proverbs 19:21) I think this must be my Life Verse–I keep going to change this one at the top of my Home page, but it still seems to fit so well!

May we include You in our brainstorming, since Your purpose is best for us, and will prevail in any case!

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More Than I Need

Do you think I’ll EVER get over this moved-to-Ottawa thing? I’m just waiting for the full year to be up, and see what that does. There’s only one large box left, full of the paper that we used to wrap things in when we were packing. The used paper that is, we still have a thick bunch of it that wasn’t even used. The used paper is being used for wrapping compost… (I did that on purpose! :P)

Sometimes I feel like saying “Ottawa Ottawa Ottawa, I live in Ottawa!” over and over again. It’s just so amazing!

But don’t think there’s no missing Toronto. Friends told us once, that it takes awhile to get connected in a new community. At the time, I thought “but God’s people are wonderful everywhere!” Turns out he was quite right though. And no matter what, nothing can replace knowing people for over 30 years.

And, absolutely EVERYONE can find reasons to feel sorry for themselves. Most of those people can also find reasons to be thankful. Many, many reasons, usually. After all, there’s things like cross-country skiing, and lovely canals and walkways, and lots of loving family… Something that really resonated from the sermon on Sunday, and you have to be in the right place to really get this, but Jesus has given you everything you need Right Now–only He truly satisfies.

Today’s #40acts is about making apologies. The first person that came to my mind, was someone who I’ve tried to “make up” with before, though I’m not sure it was through an apology. If I contacted her again, to say that I was perhaps only listening to one side of the story, I think it would only upset her, or at least seem like I was being very buggy about wanting to be in contact again. So I have to live out my side of the forgiveness by letting go of that relationship. Anyway, I can still see how she and her family are doing, through other friends who are friends with her–she hasn’t totally blocked me. :) And I totally understand how she feels.

“Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.” (Ephesians 4:32)

May we often be reminded, of the peace and joy available through You.

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I’m still here!

No one seems to be missing me… including I, myself! Meaning, it sure doesn’t seem like a week since I’ve posted. Have I finally, at long last, run out of things to say? HA!

This must be the first time in years that I haven’t had a running theme for Lent (but I forget what I did last year). The idea was to blog about this #40acts that I’m doing, but that seems a little too boastful. I’m not keen on saying how much I already do a lot of the things they suggest. Although, I have been finding a way to do something, for each of the days. It’s just that they so often get added to a list, to be completed as opportunity permits.

Meanwhile, my Winter bucket list is getting completed: I’ve been cross-country skiing several times, have taken both of my guys out a couple of times, and last night I had a fantastic night-ski! That may have been the last time for this year, considering the 7-day forecast. Possibly there will be another night to ski, but I’m hoping for a clear one this time. Last night started out clear, but the clouds had rolled in by the time the sun had fully set.

Of course, there are lots of Lenten-type things to do; like taxes (today or tomorrow), thorough cleaning of the wood floor, and maybe other spring-cleaning jobs. And finishing my puzzle of the Last Supper, and my new crocheted-purse.

AND, there are other signs of SPRING, besides the warming temperature trends! The sun, for example, is making its seasonal trek across the sky, and is now shining in all but ONE of our Family Room windows!! It just comes in the top corners of them, making small spots of sun in the kitchen–eventually the sun comes flooding in here, filling the whole area. Whereas in the winter, it fills the living room/other side of the house, where most people don’t want to go because there’s no fireplace, or rocking chairs. ;)

There, I’ve thought of lots of nothing to say, but at least you don’t have to miss me any more. :D

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I use my blog a lot as if I’m writing to myself! For instance, I’ve just made a new category for praying scripture… but it doesn’t show up because the only post in it is set to private! (I like to click on things from my Home page.) Just because I don’t want to bother people with it, and it’s still being developed.

Anyway, here’s trying to get it to show up… but at least not on Facebook. ;|


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