Worship in the kitchen.

As we sat around the table at Mom and Dad’s Saturday night, the three of us with my brother and his fiance (and Mom and Dad of course), I asked “What are we celebrating?” We decided it might be the 100 K run that my brother is training for (the Sears for kids’ cancer thing). But it might well have been a celebration of the start of the Last Week of Summer!

What are you doing this week to celebrate? Or are you mourning? I might go to Value Village today and get a couple warmer pairs of pants; and later in the week maybe I’ll get a chance to check out a local tree nursery to see if I can find out what the other trees are in my backyard. Yes, those are both good ways to commemorate the last week of summer, I think!

We had a weekend full of Frustration. Have you ever played that card game? It has 19 hands, and takes a couple of days to complete. Very fun, no matter how many are playing, even if you lose. Mom won, so I guess she loves it!

Now, to continue the thoughts I was sharing from Hebrews 13 (see previous post): it was about not being part of the “insider world”. The idea is about going out, rather than waiting for people to come in, which is something we’ve often talked about before. The next verses (Hebrews 13:15-16) explain what that might look like–an attitude of thankfulness to God, and working and sharing “for the common good”. These things are the real “religion”, in other words, seen as acts of worship–taking the place of the animal sacrifices of the Old Law.

“…God takes particular pleasure in acts of worship… that take place in kitchen and workplace and on the streets.”

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This world is not our Home

We’ve managed a few things out-of-the-ordinary this week:

  • went to the Newcomers Class on Sunday;
  • checked off several things on the “move-in” list (see post from a few days ago);
  • I attended the women’s evening Opening Gala on Wednesday (see yesterday’s post about the amazing MEGA-explosion going on!)
  • we picked up the new Lazyboy and new rocker springs, and fixed Sam’s chair (again).

And this weekend we’re headed for Mom & Dad’s to the trailer to play cards all weekend! I’m looking forward to sleeping in the trailer as if I was going home… guess I’m not “there” yet, if you know what I mean. :S

One of the classes on Wednesday evenings is a study in Hebrews–just the book I happen to be reading lately. I can certainly understand the passion that emanated from the teachers as they described their course. These verses I’ve been wanting to share, for example, from chapter 13: the writer has been noting how the Israelite sacrifices were taken outside the city walls to be killed, and so was Jesus killed outside the city walls. The Message continues–

“So let’s go outside, where Jesus is, where the action is–not trying to be privileged insiders, but taking our share in the abuse of Jesus. This ‘insider world’ is not our home.” (Hebrews 13:13-14)

This translation hints that some people feel more special than they should, and we know there is a lot of that “club” mentality in today’s world. But I’m sure that Christians would often not even realize that when they stick to all their churchy activities and barely do anything in the secular world, they are in fact creating an “insider world”. Some of that is just natural, but we need to remember that it is NOT our home. Yes, even Church, is not our home!

OK, enough for now!

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Blow-your-mind MEGA!

Just for fun and to hear the pastor’s wife speak, I went to the women’s evening Opening Gala last night, at The Met. They had chairs set up in the gym, in several large semi-circles, and to encourage even more mingling, they had a table full of various popcorn flavours, a table with a chocolate fountain (and lots of goodies to dip, including cream puffs!), and a couple of tables with drinks–tea, coffee, water, and a punch fountain.

I explained to one lady that I might not go every Wednesday, because there was a prayer meeting going on at the same time. Moving on around the room, I met another lady, who explained that she might not come every Wednesday, because there’s a prayer meeting going on at the same time. ;)

We kept asking each other, as we mingled, “have you been here before?” And the answer was very often, “No, it’s my first time.” I did meet another lady who has been coming for about 5 months–she moved recently from Ottawa East, to Osgoode. When I said that sounds very familiar, she said “It’s between North Gower and Kemptville”, which is exactly how I explain where my parents live! Although, I wouldn’t say that they are in Osgoode.

Believe it or not, she was actually in a small group that meets out there in North Gower! It’s only about half an hour away. I did find our Newcomers’ class teacher (who hugged me cheerfully), and she said they even have small groups out in Gatineau, among other places she mentioned that I don’t remember. Well, what do you expect when there are 56 small groups!? (And she reiterated that number to me–I hadn’t heard it wrong–56!)

This church is just exploding. On Sunday they started a new men’s group, where they were expecting some 100 men. They had over 200! I guess there are around 200 ladies who go to the daytime Women’s group, mixture of young mothers and older ladies; whereas the evening group is young to middle-aged. They both have several classes that you sign up for. And they’re not things like “How to be a successful woman in today’s world”, but mostly Bible studies. I think there were about 7 classes for the Evening Edition, including an Alpha “for Women” (and The Met has another Alpha on Thursdays).

I was going to say a few more things, but this is getting kinda like the subject matter, “MEGA”. :)

OH, that lady who lives in Osgoode? They have chickens and eat fresh eggs. Isn’t that cool!? And they have friends who live on my parents’ road.

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busy beavers

We’ve managed to get quite a bit done in the last several days:

  • finished reading the manuals for this new home;
  • put a sealer on the garage floor to protect from winter salt (which we found out about from the manuals);
  • ordered a new cover for our hot tub;
  • visited the hot tub store and left a request for parts;
  • got curtain rods in place for Sam’s room and bought the curtains (they just have to be trimmed/hemmed);
  • bought a new Lazy Boy for Rej, since we had to go and get more springs for Sam’s chair anyway;
  • fixed the pictures on the wall and painted the holes;
  • got set up with stereo and speakers, upstairs and down;
  • attended both a Newcomers’ Reception and a Newcomers’ Class at The Met, and promised our home for small group meetings;
  • crocheted a winter purse for myself–just have to add more sections, linings, and sew it up.

All that’s left to do soonish, is that trip to a tree nursery to figure out the last of my trees, and of course sew up those curtains (and the purse). I’m also feeling the need for a shopping trip for new clothes, but maybe by the time I get to that, it’ll be a different season–so what I have might do.

Today’s Old Photo is a reminder that we’ve been sitting around bonfires for years and years–this is from the early 1980’s. We happen to be going to my parent’s place this weekend… not the one shown in the picture, which was in Quebec. It may be too cold for bonfires though!

fsit 1986 IMG_0293

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and I don’t even like seafood…

There’s a couple who stopped coming to our church way back in the 90’s, who every time I see them since then–which is very rarely, even on Facebook–it chokes me up a little. I’m not sure why.

Maybe it has something to do with their warm and open personality (they were in our small group), or maybe it’s because of that era of our lives: Sam was still small (they have a daughter the same age). I think they were the first Chinese people we were close to.

Speaking of these things–Chinese friends from our small group who we miss–I don’t even want to think about the more recent ones.

My secret fantasy is that my son will someday find a sweet little Chinese girl to marry. My perspective is small perhaps, but sometimes I wonder if we might eventually discover that all of God’s angels are Asian. ;)

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How was YOUR week?

If you were making up a meme to answer about your week, what would your questions be? How about these ones:

  1. What’s the first thing you think of, when you try to remember this past week?
  2. What happened that was either different from routine, and/or unplanned?
  3. List the things that you are thankful for, from this week.

My answers:

1. We changed our usual two diet days, but I can’t remember why. :s Something to do with Labour Day. It was fun seeing all the “Back to School” posts on Facebook.

2. Different from routine:

  • We had a friend from Toronto drop in on his way by after dropping off his son for University.
  • Rej & I saw the doctor about our ears (two different problems).
  • I made Peach Squares.

Unplanned: We made an emergency trip into the Shop, as Sam noticed that some of our bitcoin machines had shut down.

3. Thankful for:

  • The problem with those machines was simple and quickly solved–a plug bar/octopus had shut off.
  • Thankful for doctors and their wisdom.
  • Peach Square season, mmmmm.
  • Getting back into my running workouts–the one-minute interval for the first week sure was easy!

OK, those last two questions kind of went together, so we’ll have to fix that for next time. ;)  Oh, and why didn’t I just look over my posts for the week, to refresh my memory? Maybe that would be cheating.

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Be relaxed, not obsessed.

This hot day in September (going up to THIRTY today!!) could be a good time to think about all the things you’re looking forward to in the Fall:

  • seeing what colour the fall leaves will be on each of my trees, at this new home;
  • watching favourite TV shows again, after supper;
  • soaking up all those negative ions (those are the ones that make you feel gooood) on cool, brisk walks;
  • unpacking the fall decorations box;
  • thinking about Thanksgiving-type food!

Meanwhile, it’s been quite lovely in the very early mornings, to go out for my “run”–1 minute intervals with 4 minutes of walking, and next week moving up to a 2-minute run and 3 minutes of walking. It’s also felt good to get back to some crocheting, my current project being a purse for the winter, that will be easy to wash and cheap to replace.

September things (not necessarily Fall):

  • eat corn-on-the-cob–CHECK;
  • make Peach Squares–TODAY!!!     …..hopefully!

summer prof 2014“Don’t be obsessed with getting more material things. Be relaxed with what you have. Since God assured us, “I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you,”” (Hebrews 13:5)

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Be ready

It was nice to meet several “Met” people last night–the “core prayer group”, those people who are steadfastly meeting in season and out of season. (One lady had been going to that church since 1984, so we beat her with our one-church-attendance by only a couple of years!)

This group thinks they are quite small, but it did have to divide into 5 smaller groups for the prayer-work; a small number when you consider the size of the church of course. I was happy to see a range of ages and cultures there. There was a youth called “River”, isn’t that a neat name?

I shouldn’t be taking the time to post, since it’s grocery day and you know how busy WalMart can be if you don’t get there before 9 am! But there are quite a few verses in my current reading that need sharing, and you wouldn’t want them all at once. ;)

“Stay on good terms with each other, held together by love. Be ready with a meal or a bed when it’s needed. Why, some have extended hospitality to angels without ever knowing it!” (Hebrews 13:1-2)

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The Fly, by William Blake, 1757 – 1827

Little fly,
Thy summer’s play
My thoughtless hand
Has brushed away.

Am not I
A fly like thee?
Or art not thou
A man like me?

For I dance
And drink and sing,
Till some blind hand
Shall brush my wing.

If thought is life
And strength and breath,
And the want
Of thought is death,

Then am I
A happy fly,
If I live,
Or if I die.

See–even when you’re sitting and absently watching a fly, you could think up a poem! Nothing wasted. ;)

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Enjoying it, not wasting it.

If I put this photo on Facebook, these girls might feel like shooting me, even though no one else would see anything wrong with the photo. So it’ll be a little more hidden here (I’m learning!):

Groups line girls Aunt Emmy Club GROUPS TRAILBLAZERS 007These are the girls I “wished good luck” as they start University/College today (or around today); although I didn’t mention the girl on the right end, since we didn’t know her as long. As far as I know, they’ve all become lovely young women of God! And the only way they’re going to make it through this next “fun” portion of their lives, is to depend on Him, for sure.

Anyway, I’m NOT sitting here moping about getting old, or about how the years have flown by. I’m just thankful to have something that pulls me into the excitement of a new school year. Can’t wait to see all those “first day of school” pictures, and hear about the little ones just starting out. Otherwise, one could have almost forgotten about these things!

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