Semblance of Normal

“Plan” is my Word for the year (could be for my life!)  While your plans can get totally turned upside down and around–like when you suddenly decide to move to a different city–God’s purpose does prevail. And you still keep making plans!

Last week, my schedule plan and my menu plan finally got set up/reorganized. Which is why I haven’t unpacked boxes for a WEEK! Yesterday we finally got the shopping done, so now there’s the jobs that go with that, like painting the shed floor. But it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, yay! That means I should be able to do boxes! Today is a dentist trip, and making another waterbed bottom-sheet (using an old flat sheet).

And now that the schedule is done, it’s time for more routine to kick in. For example, are we really going to go hot-tubbing EVERY night? I’m looking forward to some regular sit-outside time, which I haven’t been able to do for quite awhile. Last week the regular evening walk started (for me anyway), and this week hopefully, more exercise will be added. The diet starts TODAY!

“… let us run with endurance the race that God has set before us.” (Hebrews 12:1)

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Reading Hebrews 11 this morning, reminds me of those two kids at First Alliance in Toronto, reciting the whole chapter. They did such an excellent job of it, but Pastor Tim was ever conscious of things not just being a “performance”, in the church service. He would always ask the children questions; for example, he would get these two young fellows to tell what their favourite part of Hebrews 11 was, and why. You could see how that would put more meaning into it, not only for those “performing”, but for those listening as well.

The church we’ve been going to here in Ottawa, has some impressive positive points too. Last week we noticed how excited the whole congregation seems to be about missions, and about evangelizing. The pastor always mentions those things in his sermon, and when he talked about expanding (even more!) or church planting, the people would burst into applause. Also, they put up birthday balloons each Sunday–representing those who have come to new birth in Christ, not only here, but on the mission field. Although I think they can also represent actual, new babies (in the congregation or perhaps just the staff). Last week they had a “4″ balloon, for 400 people who made decisions in a particular mission field.

Hebrews 11 also reminds me of how long many of those ancient saints had to wait, to see their promise from God fulfilled. Not that God has particularly promised me that I’ll someday be finished unpacking…

We’re up to the settled-in point where you don’t (or can’t) work at it as feverishly, and therefore it seems like it’s going to take forever to get done! I’d so love to get at all those boxes of ornaments & decorations (where there are also a few kitchen plates and towells hidden), but now there’s Other Stuff to get done.


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Almost there

We’ve now had a second visitor, stopping in for coffee on the way by. (A friend from Hearst, who now lives in Niagara Falls.) And we’re feeling more and more like we’ve finally moved in!

I keep making a list and numbering it, and then totally changing the order I want to do it in. For example, the garage was not a priority until we saw that it was going to be stinking hot next week–so better to get it done while it’s cool. I wasn’t too worried about the rest of the weeding, until I mentioned it teasingly to Mom & Dad when they were talking about visiting next week… then I realized I’d better get it done before Dad took me seriously and did it for me!

My bookshelves were not high on the list until we noticed that unpacking had created quite a mess on the carpet; so when the bookshelves are together we’ll be able to vacuum. I’m anxious to get the pile of photo albums sorted, but have to wait until I check out the guys’ job downstairs, so I’ll know what space is left there.

So you can see why the schedule keeps getting changed! I’m looking forward to the very last move-in job: looking over the 10+ boxes of nothing but ornaments/ornamental things, to put on walls and tables and cabinet shelves everywhere–or perhaps get rid of some!

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Surprise! Mega CAN work!

That’s the second day in a row…

You may know that I read my journal for this-day-two-years-ago. This morning (two years ago today) the whole thing was about sorting through junk, and throwing stuff out, etc.–if that doesn’t fit with what I’m doing now, I don’t know what does! Yesterday, I read sermon notes from two years ago, all about the subject of Giving, which happened to be exactly what the sermon was about at The Met yesterday! In fact, there were even some of the very same scriptures quoted.

I’m loving how the lead pastor at this church is always talking about winning the world for Christ, and reaching our city (Ottawa), as well as the “unreached people” of Quebec. (Which requires resources, of course.)

We were kind of blown over the first time we entered this church, last Sunday, and there was such a hubbub in the hallways. It was like going to the CNE! Very quiet as soon as you enter the Sanctuary though (and they still call it a “sanctuary”, even though it’s rather a theatre). Lots of people were late yesterday, but the seats filled up well enough, with small groups of empty seats here and there. Really, a huge crowd of people, we’re thinking. And then we hear that attendance is down because of the summer!!

This church, that looks more like a Rec Centre from the outside, urges people to small groups right from when you first look at any printed material they have. You can see why they have to be strong on that, with 10 pastors and such a huge crowd (several services, of course). And now they’re talking about church planting, which apparently is NOT something that “takes the load off” the main church, but actually has the effect of making it grow even more.

Another favourite thing about that church: it attracts young people (who are “bleeding away” from the Church in general)–in particular, my own young person, who said right away that this is where we should go. <3

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What I love about my husband

There’s something I was thinking about posting yesterday, but I’m glad it got saved for today, because now I can add to it the Story of the Waterbed.

What is always going through my mind these days of course, is the list of Things to Do. Rej has a lot of jobs:

  • fix Sam’s lazyboy,
  • find a longer internet wire so his chair can be properly placed,
  • fix the stair rail that got pulled out of the wall,
  • screw in the chair-leg felts,
  • attach the top of the china cabinet,
  • attach the top of the guest room dresser,
  • attach the top of the wash stand when we find it,
  • unpack his workshop,
  • sort out the basement with Sam,
  • sort out computer stuff with Sam.

My jobs: unpack boxes.

Yesterday, the big job was putting together Sam’s new waterbed. We felt bad that he had to wait so long for it, so wanted to get at it and get it ready for him. As we unwrapped the packages though, we discovered that some of the boards they shipped had broken. Now what!? Rej starts by just sitting there, saying “I’m thinking.”

My ever-cheerful and inventive husband thought up a way to fix them. The fix didn’t work at first, so another “thinking” session and we were able to fix the fix. (These boards were only to go inside the pedestal that holds up the bed, so “looks” was not important.)

And so it continued. Not really a LOT of problems, but lots of measuring to make sure everything is placed right, then lots and lots of screwing in screws. One corner had to be done 3 times, because I couldn’t figure out how I was supposed to hold it. :S Also, the instructions weren’t all that clear; plus, we discovered that there were no bookshelves for the head, like we expected.

It brought back memories…. there have been lots of times, over the years, that we had to slug away like this, with some house-problem. Rej is one for keeping at it until it’s solved (and slave-driving the rest of us, haha). His whole career was about problem-solving, but I’m of the opinion that he’s even better with jobs-around-the-home, then he was with computers! And you know, that happens to be a love language for me.

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First Impressions

Was it really only a week ago that we were “homeless”? It seems like another life, already! And now every day of my life for the next 2 years has been planned out. I’ll be unpacking boxes.

But at least I’ve driven around here a few times without using my gps! We’ve finally learned that Limebank turns into Riverside (yes, I said “Limebank”), that River Road goes along one side of the Rideau River and Prince of Wales on the other side, that Hunt Club Road crosses the river north of us, and when the new bridge is finished we can cross closer to our home–where Earl Armstrong Ave. will turn into Strandherd. Last night we ate at a restaurant (where they supposedly accept bitcoin) on a street that turns into Richmond, from Wellington (or was it Woodroffe?)

The roads around here are big, straight, and empty! Right near our street there are 4-way stops with 4-lane roads… so I guess they’re expecting growth. I love how in most places the speed limit is all the way up to 80 kph. And whereas Toronto had the Lake and the Don Valley (you know, where everyone “parks”), Ottawa has Rivers and Fields. Fields everywhere! It’s amazing; you drive through some city, then through huge fields, then more city, then fields again. I’m pretty sure it’s not all the Experimental Farm.

I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone in Ottawa who is not working for the government, or involved in new home developments, is either a dentist or an athlete. There are lots bike lanes right on the highways. And at every corner, or at least at every plaza, there is a dentist advertising–or if not a dentist, an orthodontist. My Dad even worked with teeth before he retired, when we lived just over on the Quebec side. And now he’s an athlete! :)

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House full of boxes

Hey, I slept in til 5:30 this morning! Rej & I had to sleep in different beds though, because of all the boxes. (Not that I don’t always escape to the guest room, but this time we HAD to…)

This is every room in my house, except the kitchen:

boxesExcept that the Family Room and Rec Room have the boxes neatly piled. All I need for the kitchen now, is a paper towell holder, my bread basket (“who knows” where that is!), a drawer organizer, some hooks-organizing, and the mixer to be put up on the wall. Then that’s one room done!

I’d hoped to work on the living/dining room (this picture) next, but the upstairs boxes are more important because of needing a mattress cover.

But I did get the baking done yesterday! So now Sam has a variety (of two things) for breakfast. Putting his waterbed together has to wait til tomorrow though, since there are lots of other things going on today…. Aren’t you getting tired of all this blabber? ;s


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Scary things

  • The other night I got up for the washroom, and wondered if it would be quicker to go to the guest bathroom, rather than go all the way to the other end of the master bedroom to the 5 piece ensuite.
  • Yesterday the kitchen faucet came off in my hand. It was not broken, that’s what it does (think “telephone shower”.)
  • I’ve been thinking about how many people we could sleep, if there was an emergency, or a French Revolution where they took over our house: another 2 beds in the master bedroom, another bed in the larger guest room, one in the master bathroom, several more throughout the house…
  • The Hydro Bill here might be about as much as the property taxes.
  • We’ve done without all those things in the 2nd POD for 3 months–Rej thinks we should just get rid of it all. (Just kidding!)
  • I can’t figure out if it’s more important to unpack boxes, finish putting verathane on my wash stand, or do the backyard weeding.

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Still thankful

Well, there’s always a glitch, isn’t there? Our second POD is stuck in Toronto. The most galling though, is that they have no idea when it will be delivered!


  • we can’t sleep in our waterbed til we get the sheets (yes, I know we should have packed them together!)
  • can’t make Sam’s new waterbed until we get the mattress cover (or, we could buy a new one),
  • Rej has several drill-jobs he can’t do until that POD arrives,
  • I can’t organize my new hutch-cupboard until the rest of the stuff arrives, with the other half of the china cabinet, and the other coffee table,
  • we can’t finish organizing the furniture until the other chairs, etc. arrive,
  • can’t organize bathroom stuff until the little organizers arrive,
  • etc. etc.!

BUT–we have our bathing suits, and that is of utmost importance when you have a hot tub! :)

Today the new waterbed stuff arrives (and we’ll see how much we can do), as well as Alarm Force. I’ll eventually get out to do my first major grocery shopping today, and if we’re lucky we’ll get some more buildall shopping done. Oh, and make the guest beds! Maybe, just maybe, I won’t have to sleep on air mattresses for much longer…

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cats and weeds

In case anyone was wondering how Dustie-cat is handling things these days: she generally stays in hiding until the sun begins to set. Although, this morning she was down here while the sun was pouring into the kitchen, wandering around, probably looking for a good place to sit in it. When we unload the other POD tomorrow, she’ll have the hope chest by the window. (She also has her own bathroom, believe it or not!)

Yesterday she seemed happy to find the waterbed frame “back in place”. That’s where she used to hide, in Toronto–behind the waterbed. I think she also likes it upstairs because of the carpet, which is likely full of the previous animal-smells. They had both a dog and a cat. Of course, she just loves to roll on that carpet, too.

Still lots and lots of work to do! And lots and lots of things I could talk about, all to do with our new home… but since it is going up to 29 C today, I’d better get going and get some weeding done while it’s still “cool”!

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