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Multiplication not Addition

There have been a lot of great articles to read lately, and some are just calling me to make notes on them! One by Mike Breen shows how humans can be such creatures of overreaction, “choosing polarities rather than living … Continue reading

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Blessed to be a blessing

Yikes, I’ve signed up for yet another email feed! Not sure how often this one updates, but it was recommended by our church plant, and has some really good articles/resources. Plus, it’s all about being missional. For example, an article … Continue reading

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Baseball Lessons

Do you sometimes feel like a failure? You’ve been trying and trying, honed your skills, done everything in the best way that you know, and still nothing has come through? Well, it’s a statistical reality that home-run hitters tend to … Continue reading

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Stand Up

During our small group Bible study last night, my husband’s response to one of the questions (I forget what the question was), was that we should decorate our homes in such a way (subtle, not blatant) that when people enter, … Continue reading

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If we care enough

Here is a quote from something I just read, that shows why “showing love” to people does not always mean doing whatever makes them happy. The quote is from one of my Perspectives students, who writes a regular piece on … Continue reading

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How to define “ordinary”?

At Small Group last night, someone reminded us how God gives us gifts/abilities, not to use for ourselves, but for others. He gave the example of how you don’t, if you have the gift of preaching, preach to yourself. For … Continue reading

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Praise you Lord, that I can put myself in your hands and count on you from morning to night. I can be confident that you’ll answer when I cry for help. Nothing I might obsess about, compares to you and … Continue reading

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If you don’t want to miss new posts from this blog, you’d better click on my “Home” tab at the top, and then scroll way down to the bottom and enter your email address, then click “subscribe”. Because I’m pretty … Continue reading

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My One Word isn’t being updated as often as I’d originally planned, but good enough that it gets done as often as I can find something, or come across something that fits. “Done” usually means a Facebook status update, sometimes … Continue reading

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even a little bit

The main reason I want to make these notes, is because it’s what I would like to say myself, to people. Thank you Steve T. for giving me the words! One thing that jumped out at me that day, was … Continue reading

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