Fitness Notes


(One Mile Test from Spark People, stopping at park sign for Mountain Meadows, since the map says it’s 1.12 to the creek.)

  • 2015, October 5th: 13:57:50, OFF THE CHART!!!! (14:something is “Excellent” for my age)
  • 2015, April 4th: 14:49:74, “Good” (8 seconds less for “Excellent”!!)
  • 2014, November 10th: 15:57:35, 9 Celsius
  • 2014, August 24th: 19:24.37, after supper, 27 Celsius


  • 2016, May 21st: did the Super Sprint Relay for Dad’s 80th year, with Dylan and Auntie Sharon! Way easy for me, even though I was the first one (of our group) in the pool, and the last one out (5 min.)! Tired of doing my 5Ks though… have decided for this year to do each of the SP 5K run training days just when ever I can, and see how long it takes to finish (over the summer). Meanwhile, working on the endurance walking thing with Sam, for the PPJ Trail in Quebec. ((**update when done first try, in September**; do Fitness Test again after that))
  • 2015, September 19th: 49:06–8/2 intervals all the way to front door (5 intervals, minus the last 2 min. walk), then cool down around Mud Creek (7 minutes). FEELINGS: always tired after runs this time around (but nothing a good nap doesn’t fix); but the hardest was jogging non-stop for 40 minutes; and the hardest part was being so hot!
  • 2015, May 24th: 50 minutes, including cool-down walk to front door and about four 8′ run/2’walk intervals. FEELINGS: harder than previous Fall (legs need strengthening), though not too too sore.
  • 2014, November 7th: 49:36.39 –puddles, snowflakes, and all. Runner’s high! Then went out to shop for Christmas lights, for our new home. :D


Remember to keep your head up, concentrate on relaxing the leg muscles, and roll from heal to toe.

**Choose 7 weeks EARLY Spring and Late Summer**, in order to leave the nicest weather for walking.

  • Week 1: walk for at least 1/2 hr., at least 3X in the week.
  • Week 2: one day from each of wks 1, 2 and 3 of the Rookie Running (TWEAKED 2 and 3: walk 3′-run 2′ –times 4 for #2 (second day); then times 6 for #3 (third day)
  • Weeks 3-7: Weeks 1-5 of the Running Training (marked in ClipX)–REWRITE for WK ONE: 1) walk 2 min, jog 3 X6; 2) walk 1 min., jog 3 X6; 3) walk 1 min., jog 3 X8 (WK TWO tweaked a bit as well)
  • For the final 5K (included in Wk. 7 above): do longer intervals (e.g. run 8 min./walk 2)


(for December, January, February, and July, when walking is “not possible”):

  • stair climbing (good for something quick, when time is short)
  • dance
  • low impact video workout from SP
  • CROSS-COUNTRY SKI!!! (my very, very favourite!!)
  • swimming (haven’t tried yet)


(for non-running season):

  • plank
  • squats (good for busiest times)
  • bicycle crunches
  • leg circles

GOAL: when not in a running season, 1 aerobics and 1 exercise DAILY.


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