Make a Wish

Today is “Make-a-Wish” Day! You can (‘have’–cross that) wish for as many things as you like. Here are mine:

1. That Sam would wake up this morning and say “Hey–gimme 5 waffles, I feel great!”

2. That I would be able to say “Hey–I just ate 5 waffles, and lost weight!” (even just 5 pounds!)

3. That all our computers were up and running perfectly, and could promise never to break again.

4. That everything else in the house could promise never to break again, even our bodies!

5. That the sun would shine, or we’d get snow just until after Christmas…

6. That our pastor would say “just kidding, we’re not leaving–you don’t have to find someone else, I’m still the one to be your pastor.”

Gosh, thought I had more wishes than that… I’m sure I’ll be adding more later!

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