Hope is connected to Patience. If your Hope is to stay alive, you must practice Patience, while you wait for the light to grow. For example, *someday* perhaps, my son will recover from being ‘run over’ by this ‘truck’—this incredible Bug that keeps him from being able to eat like he used to, and without medicine.

In the beginning, when that candle-flame was at times a very small pin-prick, a song about Waiting was one of the ones that meant a lot to me:

“Strength will come,
-as we wait upon the Lord,
-as we wait upon the Lord,
-we will wait upon the Lord..”

The song starts with these words, and the tune is low and repetitive—easily bringing to mind the picture of a dark room, where someone is praying, and the Spirit is whispering: “wait… wait… strength will come”. The song continues, the crescendo rising victoriously to remind you that our God is a Strong Deliverer, who does not grow weary and will not faint—which may seem obvious, but it’s the comparison to our own weariness and fainting that highlights the Hope necessary for the Strength to come…

And notice that the song said “we”. *Do not hesitate to ask for help*, when you’re in a dark place—from God, but God is in people as well. You would actually be robbing people of something by not asking. Because, as Toby Mac is saying in the Christmas song I’m listening to right now: “You ain’t livin’ til you choose to give.”

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