Holding hands can be another way to brighten someone’s hope-light. (No, I don’t mean hope for *that*!)

My “contributor” for today is (ta-da!)— Focus on the Family . Well, sort of: it’s about an article in an email newsletter of theirs, about holding hands.

It’s not what you might think (like I did)—that they are talking about holding hands being something for dating couples, etc. Believe it or not, there is a “Touch Research Institute”, and their research is discovering huge benefits to holding hands—meaning couples, parent-child, senior-younger one, etc. To quote the quote from the newsletter: “We found that holding the hand of really anyone . . . [makes] your brain work a little less hard in coping,” (Dr. James Coan).

And get this—it also boosts your immune system! “If you’re in a really strong relationship, you may be protected against pain and stress hormones that may have a damaging effect on your immune system.” (same doctor-guy)

I think this is just so neat! For those situations where someone is going through so much and you feel helpless, now you know that you really help a *lot* simply by holding their hand!

So… I’m off to go hold some hands! (My great ministry in life.)

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