We have another contributor: she actually included a few words for me personally, in the forward she emailed! It was about some links for prose/poetry, with lovely background music and beautiful artwork. There is a poem about Hope, and the one about the True Meaning of Christmas relates a lot to our Hope-theme as well: it explains the meaning behind several symbols of Christmas (the tree, star, candy cane, Santa Claus, etc.)—great stuff!

There are so many symbols of Hope, things to hope for, reasons for hope. Some of them are not just symbols, they *are* hope. Like children, for instance. They’re not just “hope for the future” (someone to look after you when you get old?), but they provide hope for the present–that there will always be joy & laughter, and someone easy to love & love you back. If things seem at all dark in your world—you need to spend some time with children.

And to think that God loves us as children! Especially when we drop our pretenses, to admit that we need a divine Parent. When Jesus said “You must become as a child”, that brings to mind several things… the innocent faith of a child, the quick expression of enjoyment or need, the ready reaching up for a Hand… or a hug.

(my Dad, and my sister’s cuddly grandson)

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