Long Walk

As we move from the prophets proclaiming *Hope* over the centuries, to the sacrifices made by the ‘players’ in the First Christmas—Part Two of my cat-story (below), though not planned that way, does a good job of introducing this week’s theme (Sacrifice).

That story was written a couple of years ago, and so there’s another sacrifice happening here just by being read by Sam—who, because of his gluten-intolerance, can no longer have Cranberry Bread! (got you curious?)

Sacrifice might seem more suitable to talk about around Easter, but it happens all over the place at Christmas-time—with gift giving, etc… Have you heard the story of the African native who gave the missionary a present? She said something like “But you had to travel so *far*, and on foot, just to give me this gift!” His response was “Long walk—part of gift.”

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