Emanating Peace

One of my favourite ‘simple’ things to focus on, is my cat.  It can be quite restful just to watch her resting, washing herself, poking her nose curiously at something, and of course it puts me right to sleep when she curls up on top of me and starts purring.  If she stops purring, all I have to do is talk to her and she starts up again.  Lately I’ve found that I like having her nearby (rather than hiding upstairs on a bed), even if I’m busy & rushing around at things.  Something about seeing her there all calm and restful, seems to add a measure of calmness to my busyness.

I suppose any pet can add that sort of peacefulness to a household.  And little children might even qualify, though some pets and especially children—make you feel peaceful more when they’re sleeping!  But think how a mother loves the sight of her child in blissful sleep.

I wonder if our Father God feels the same way, when He sees us resting?

“He giveth His beloved sleep…”

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