Stop Talking

Don’t we love to talk about simple things?  I was at a party last night, where people actually spent about an hour talking about dogs!  But these are people who normally spend hours talking about very ‘heavy’ matters.  They are the elders of our church, and the elders’ meetings generally do go quite late.  They deserved some time to be simple.  (No insult intended!)

 When things get really busy, it’s time for the “one cup of coffee” policy.  When it seems you don’t have time to stop, is just when you need that ‘stopping’ time more than ever.  And I don’t mean stopping to do something else… for example, I have no problem doing things like Bible reading, etc.  But harder to make myself do, and very therapeutic, is to stop ‘doing’ anything, even just for the time it takes to drink one cup of coffee. 

 Look away from the computer.  Watch the cat, look at the Christmas tree, look outside.  See if you can notice anything, any small detail, that you’ve never noticed before. (When my son was small, we used to play a game where we tried to see how many various little noises we could pick out, outside.) Don’t work hard at it, just relax.  Just until you’re done that one cup of coffee.

 Because if we do most of the talking, how will we ever hear the amazing things God has to say to us?


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