Be Simple

There are so many millions of profound things to be said, studies and discussions… how many thousands of books have been written in Christianity alone?  I’ve been trying to say something “profound” about simplicity every morning this week.

Guideposts once did an article on people who had decided to simplify.  They did things like only having two sets of clothing to wear, or having the same thing to eat every day, even though they weren’t poor.  Though it seemed silly at first, you came to realize over the course of the article, why it was a good thing.  A less complicated life meant they had time and money for more worthy causes.  Most people have lots of options of where they could simplify—an easier hairdo, less tradition to follow, etc.

 One area where it’s quite important to simplify, has to do with all those afore-mentioned thousands of books that have been written.  While Biblical commentaries and topical studies have their value, it’s critical for people to regularly do some reading of the Bible without any other person’s ideas at hand.  You want to know what God is saying to you.  He hasn’t made it so complicated that we always need others to interpret it for us (although that may have been true for awhile, when only the Kings James Version was available).  As you read, don’t always be looking for the complicated meaning—something ‘between the lines’, etc.  Very often, it’s just a simple truth, that you probably knew already but really needed the reminder. 

 And it’s amazing how simple truths can be so profound!


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