What simple things do YOU love?

It came to my mind the other day, how Moses was involved in the more “complicated” job of praying for the battle that Joshua & the Israelites were fighting in the valley below, but it took twice as many people to do the very simple job of holding up his hands while he prayed.  Every time his hands came down, the Israelites began to lose.  What an amazing illustration of the importance of the simple things!

Most people probably realize the value of “little things.”  But when you take the time to see how many you can think of… the responding comments should really add up into the thousands!

A few of mine have been mentioned already:  a candle flame, holding hands, my cat, a cup of coffee, music. (Well, maybe music is a more ‘complicated’ item.)  How about a smile, the Christmas colours of red and green, a sunny day, a comfortable place to sit…

The smell of…?  the touch of…?  the colour of…? doing… ?

“There were bells all around, but I never heard them ringing…”  May it never be simply because I wouldn’t stop and listen!


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