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For those of you who aren’t used to thinking about “worship”, “joy” is a good word.  If you ever feel deeply grateful (for family, health, etc.), you are really “on the verge” of worship.

Worship is often thought of as a way of living.  You can live your daily life as if you are deeply grateful. The act of *enjoyment* can be a way of worshiping, since man has been created to “enjoy God forever”, and “all things are created for our enjoyment”.  Hopefully, many of you will have a chance to be a little more specific in your worship this week, by attending a “worship service”.  But whether you do or not, the critical thing about worship, is to recognize God.

Recognize that He allows the earth to be in exactly the right position to receive enough heat from the sun, and not too much. Recognize that the Creator of the Universe decided to lower Himself to a smelly manger. Recognize that He knows every little thing about you.  And in spite of all that–He loves you!

Do you doubt it?  Are you not enjoying something today?  Advent, the coming of Christmas even?

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