The baby-dedication we had yesterday at our church said it perfectly, for this week’s theme.  We always do this “walkabout” thing, where someone (the pastor, or other church leader) takes the baby around the sanctuary, up and down the aisles, to let the congregation enjoy looking at the baby they’re going to “help” raise.  Often, the choir sings a special song during this walk.  For this family, the father plays the guitar and mom sings, so of course that’s what they did–with Big Sister (about 5 years old) joining her mom on the chorus.

The song they sang for their little one, was titled “Amazed”… “Lord, I’m amazed!”

Yes–amazed!  Amazed at Your creation in that smiling little boy!  Amazed at Your bringing together such a precious little family… such a wonderful church family…

“Amazed at how You love me!”

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