The song I’m listening to right now, “Sweet Little Jesus Boy” by Take 6, causes me to worship God for the infinite variety of voice-sounds He has created:  there are no *other* instruments used in this recording.  I’m not sure how many singers there are, but there are deep voices “thrumming” in the background, other ones providing medium-high notes, and only one voice actually singing the higher-tuned melody.  It’s a virtual “orchestra” of voices!

My son found a whole album once (forget the name of the group), where they sang (and hummed) like that, and it was hard to believe that there were no instruments—there were that many different tones of voices, each humming their own part.  That’s the other amazing thing of course, since variety by itself doesn’t *have* to blend perfectly together to make beautiful music.  One could tangent off here, about working together.

The title here is “variety”, and we’ve only been talking about one small thing—the human voice.  There are so many sub-headings that you could think of.  What about the variety of humans themselves?  Not only how they look, but what they do, the many different ways they react… how many different views do you get sometimes, of the same scene?  Other sub-headings:  animals, plants, bugs, landscape… Or back to the humans, how about the various cultures, languages, tastes…

 And I thought this was going to be a short article!


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