What’s YOUR list??

A very good way to help you worship, and just to lift your spirits, is to listen to some music. There’s so much wonderful stuff around at Christmas time, my guys laugh at me being so stressed about getting it all listened to before the season is over!  However, the really good worship type of Christmas music, is really not that prevalent.  A lot of the songs talk about Christmas, but aren’t as easily sung to God.

#7. B. B. King: blues/jazz I do enjoy, but don’t often get to listen to

#6. Buck Owens: not the kind of music I usually like, but this Christmas
album brings me back to my childhood, when my mom always had it playing;
plus, it’s more of a variety than your usual Silent Night, etc.

#5. Dwight Yoakam: again, I don’t generally enjoy country music, but this
album not only has some different stuff, it’s very ‘dancy’–and I love to
dance like noone’s looking!

#4. Don’t You Think it’s Time You Were In Bed, by the Statlers: not such a
favourite now, but when my son was little it reminded me how amazed I was
at actually having a little one.

#3. Do You Hear What I Hear, by Third Day:  just discovered this one recently, a
complete analyzing was done on the second or third post of Advent Musings.

#2. O Little Town of Bethlehem, by Out of Eden: this one is truly an amazing listening experience, (with even a nature-sound of frogs in some places), and makes me worship God for the beauty of music!

#1. Adoration, by the Newsboys: my all-time favourite…  
There are so many things we know so well, that if we just stop to really think about them, we could feel the wonder and awe again.  The Newsboys are so good with words, as well as the exultant lift in the melody and instrumental part. You really feel like you can be expressive, when you belt it out along with them. (Just don’t sing with headphones on while others are around!)

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