DAY ONE (Christmas Day)

It’s how things begin… Pain. Anguish. Darkness. Brooding. The Spirit was brooding over the face of the Deep… and then the Earth was born. A seed pushes up out of darkness. It is only in pain, that a child can be brought forth. And shame… even shame can be a beginning.
All that is forgotten, as this babe suckles at my breast. A moment ago, moans of anguish forced their way out of me; but I would do it all again. Doesn’t matter now—all the whispering tongues about pregnancy out of wedlock. Nothing matters but this warm little body, so dependant on me, to keep him alive and comfortable, protected from any kind of suffering or pain…
 from any kind of suffering or…
It hurts to be born… and to be born over again. God suffered shame for me, while I find it so hard to admit my shortcomings.

But what joy in new life!

Light a candle (the “Christ Candle”) and leave it burning all day, or all night.

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