DAY SEVEN (Royalty day)

New Year’s Eve

Are you like me?  Do you allow the excitement to build, until it’s time to count down that final minute—and then jump up and down, screaming and kissing everyone in sight?  Then choke back the tears while we all join hands and sing “Should Auld Aquaintance..”

What is it exactly, that you’re excited about?  For me, it’s amazing to think that God has brought me to another, brand new year.  It’s a time when it’s so clear to me how blessed I am to have so many loved ones, to have a measure of health and comfort.  After looking over my year’s journal, I have a strong sense of God’s work in my life, and can look forward to the next year.

(We Three Kings)
Dress up like Royalty tonight.  Take pride in who you were created to be–a child of The King… but don’t be like King Herod, and ‘kill the Christ’ in you!

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