DAY ELEVEN (travel day-the Wise Men)

Plan B
(The Wise Men had to go home by a ‘different way’.)

How often over the past year, have you had an unexpected change of plans?  How much did it change your life?  Did it turn out for the better?  Did it seem worse at the time?  It’s fun (if the surprise/shock of it doesn’t distract you too much) to use the opportunity to test yourself—see how well you can handle the situation.

Remember the words of a note I have posted where I can see it often:  “If things don’t turn out the way you’d hoped, it means that there is something better.”  (Especially if you’re trusting God.)

This is where I really should post “Welcome to Holland”, an amazing piece about appreciating Plan B (you end up in Holland when you were expecting to arrive in Paris–it’s for people who were expecting a “normal” child, and have a disabled one); but I think a lot of people have seen that one by now.  If you’d like it, ‘say something about this’ and let me know.

Don’t plan it too much, but try for an impromptu tour of something; or a drive outside of your usual routes; or think of how you could do something in a ‘different way’ from the usual way that you do it.


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