DAY TWELVE (testing day)

Escape to Egypt

How many people live their whole life out, just in the town of NazarethBethlehem was rather nice, right near the Holy City, but that wasn’t forever.  Now for a strange country, far from home.  Not really strange to God’s people of course.  But going there is like back-tracking—it’s the place we still celebrate escaping from, so many ages ago.  However, that too, will be temporary.

So many things are temporary.  Even the present joy, will someday give way to more testing—but that, “too, shall pass”.  Meanwhile, two years can seem like a long time, to be away from home and family…

Look up information about Heaven.  And there’s still time to finalize your Resolutions–the New Year has barely begun!  In fact, each new week is an excuse to ‘start anew’… ‘Happy New Week’ (you could start your weeks on Friday), and ‘Happy New Day’!

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