EPIPHANY – “Little Christmas”

Season of Light

“When they saw the star, they were filled with ecstatic joy”!  That’s what it says about the Wise Men.  They “saw the light.”

Have you ever had one of those kinds of “aha moments”?  If you’ve been trying for a long while to find an answer, it certainly can be a time for “ecstatic joy”.

But, enlightenment doesn’t always start out feeling good.  For example:  in reading over my Twelve Days of Christmas entries, it dawned on me uncomfortably, that the writing was not as well done as I thought at first… a humbling lesson to never “think more of yourself than you ought”.  (Oh well, it can be a ‘base’ for next year.)

My wish for you all:  beyond experiencing your own epiphany, may you see the wonder in everyday life.  God is right there beside you, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

Many people have developed traditions for Epiphany, based around the story of the Wise Men.  One idea is to take down the Christmas tree–in order to let in more light!  Another idea could be to light lots of candles… make it the day to light all the candles you own. It’s hard to have to put away the Christmas decorations, so I’ve saved a few that highlight the wise men, and some that are particularly bright, to put up just for Epiphany.

Note:  it takes lots of clouds to produce a snow scene like this, but how much light it reflects!!

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