Kicked out!

The Mom has been kicked out of here, and I’m taking over this journal.  As she hinted, she hasn’t been doing a very good job at writing anyway.  Even The Boy has always said that I’m better at it.

A quick explanation as to why the design of this journal says “Top Secret”:  you see, the only people who really know that I live in this house, are The Dad, the Mom, and The Boy.  Anyone else who comes to visit, sees the cat dishes and whatever other evidence—but they never see me.  If I can keep it a secret that I live here, it’ll keep up the appearance of craziness (‘crazy cathie’).  People will never believe them when they keep saying they have a cat.

The other secret of course, is my mission:  to help people “listen” (hence the subtitle of this journal).  People like to do an awful lot of ‘talking’, but think they don’t have time to just listen.  And it only takes a moment, a short pause (hence the title of this journal).  Probably, many people don’t even know *how* to listen.

So for a short moment each day, a very short “p a w s e”—I’ll be on mission here!


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