(If you came ‘cause you’re curious about “Kicked Out!”, you’ll have to go down a couple of entries—you’re late!)

On days when the curtain is completely drawn and things are plain & grey, remember the mystery of light and colour it hides. (Poetic Cat, at your service! But I’m not a Max Lucado wannabe, like some *people* I know!)

Clouds are great, at least on “unveiling” sort of days.  They’re something for the sun to glow on, and the wind to blow on.  One of my favourite things to notice, which is why I’m always fighting the Mom to sit here by the window!

Thanks Boss, that there is so much more stuff behind the clouds! Help us to remember others who don’t have windows and comfortable chairs.

(Some breathtaking pink clouds, that the Pappy found the other day.)

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