A little bit

(For “Kicked Out”, click on January 7th in the calendar; and for a clearer picture click on January 8th.)

Somebody spilled some icing sugar… outside, all over.

What I’m noticing today is that a little bit is a good thing.  That little bit of snow pretty’s everything up without hiding it completely.  A little bit of light coming into the sky gives a certain beauty to the silhouetted tree-shapes (and a little bit of Word helps you spell big words like silhouette!)  Yesterday’s subject (clouds), are favoured, even beautiful, when they’re few enough to see individually, rather than a massive curtain.  Have you ever seen the wonder of one tiny snowflake?

(All the tiny details of a snowflake can be seen with a microscope.)

Certain *people* I know, when they get a little of a good thing, just want more and more of it, making it *not* a good thing.  Like:  food, coffee, sleep, partying, a good book (how many times can you read one story?), etc.  You can have too much of almost anything.  I know when I get obsessed about pompoms, they get over-chewed and become garbage!  But a small taste of something delish, can spur you into action—and of course, exercise is a good thing.

Thanks Boss, for little sparks of light breaking into darkness, little smiles, little kids, little flowers, little moments of pause…

(A very little kitten, getting licked by a big dog–its tongue is bigger than the kitten’s head!)

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