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Do you realize what a necessary part of everyday life “relief” is?  How often in one day do you relieve yourself?  (Er, maybe I should re-phrase that…)

Physical relief is one thing—like sitting down (on a soft chair!) after some hard labour, or helping someone with a heavy load—but mental relief is just as important, if not more.  There are so many heavy things to think about these days.  I’m always forcing this issue with the *people* around here, having to put myself ‘in their face’ in order to get them to take some relief-time.  Mind off the computer, and on to the purring cat!  If that doesn’t work, some hilarious cat-antics (chasing or sneaking up on something or other) usually does the trick.  It doesn’t have to be comic relief, just a switch from complicated to simple, from man-made ingenuity to Boss-made beauty.

Thanks Boss, for giving me this job.  And thank You that we can give the heavy stuff over to You, every time it collects… like all the goings-on over in Iraq, for instance.

(I’m glad the soldier in this picture is pointing his gun *away* from the calico cat!) 

 “I’m in Iraq, trainin the L33T”–to take a relief-break! (Or maybe to give them confidence in their gentler sensibilities.)

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