Here’s something that can be fascinating whether it’s “a little”, or “a lot”.  A fierce, blowing wind can be amazing to see in a huge, many-branched tree; but also interesting is the tremble of one branch, or the quiver of a single leaf.  (At this particular place and time of course, that would be a browned and wrinkled leaf, all lonely on the branch; or other lifeless projections in the snow-clad ground.)  If you don’t think these things are interesting, you need to just spend a moment or two watching them or even go outside and feel the wind try to knock you over, or a small breath of wind touch your cheek.

If something is not moving, I very often have the inclination to prod it to see if it will move, or bat it and *make* it move.  Then I get to ‘move’!  Glitter, anywhere you find it (man-made or in the snow outside), sparkles better with movement.  Something I find intensely exciting, is the movement of little light-reflections on the walls and ceiling. 

That’s almost as good as all the little winged-things that flutter outside (like in this picture).

Thanks Boss, both for quiet stillness and small flutterings of life, as well as for jumping-up-and-down times.  And thanks for giving me a soft ‘bat’ when I need to get moving!


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