Don’t worry, we’re not about to try to encompass everything that the word “character” implies, here.  What is needed sometimes, is to stop thinking about “thank you”, and to spend at least some moments, thinking about “character”.  (Fear not, this *will* become clear.)

Enjoying the many and varied characters around you, is of course, a good thing.  But there are times when you can hardly think about anything except the ‘grey mist’ around you.  Those are times when you really don’t feel like saying “thank you”, to anyone.  Those are also the times, when it seems you can’t do anything, when thinking of “Character” will begin to get you out of your hole.

I mean The Boss, of course.

We can’t begin to understand anything compared to You, Boss.  You are all-knowing.  No matter what is going on in this tiny spot, You are Lord, whether we make you Lord or not.  You are all-powerful.  You create beauty, You hate evil.  Your justice and love come together in Your Son. 

We may not always have answers, but we always have You.  You *Are*.

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