Distractions and Laughter

Again a verse has ‘popped up’ to highlight something we were talking about: “Focus”, from a couple of entries back.

“Keep your eyes straight ahead; ignore all sideshow distractions.” (from Proverbs 4, The Message)

(Now, just before that it says “avoid careless banter”… that’s not what we’re doing here, is it?  No, I think it refers more to meetings, where you’re trying to get something accomplished and everyone wants to talk about things that don’t pertain.)

Certain ‘distractions’ can make you feel like the world has been reversed from what it should be, and you’re trapped somewhere that you don’t belong.  Ever have that feeling?  When you do, think of this picture:

(This feline friend, trapped in the bird cage, wouldn’t be half so funny if he didn’t have that angry, very ruffled expression of “how could this be?”  The worst of it is that smart-alec little bird looking down from on top of the cage!)

Thanks Boss, for the ability to laugh at frustrating situations–help us to step back and see it that way!

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