Looking outside for something new, I’m reminded of a story about a guy who went out to a certain street corner and took a picture every day at the same time.  He had a whole album full of these photos, that all looked the same… at first.  Closer inspection of course, would reveal different pedestrians, and various other small details that might change.  The author writing about this ‘strange’ friend, was eventually fascinated to study the album and see certain persons who were at the same spot everyday, certain others showing up once in awhile, etc.

So… looking out of my window here, it does look the same as many days:  a bit of snow (enough to almost drown that frog in the bird-bath), the sun slowly dawning in a few clouds, not a breath of wind… if I were to look for some small detail that’s different about today, from yesterday?  That would be the thermometer:  minus 22 celsius!!

Thanks Boss, for variety and sameness, for shelter, and for the assurance that warm days will return!

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