(Today’s picture:  same as last time, except it’s ‘only’ minus 13!)

If I were an Investigator, how many mysteries could I find outside this window?  Should I start at the top or the bottom?  Maybe starting up and working down, by the time we get to the ‘bottom’, the snow will be gone!  And of course, we’ll have to go with only what can be seen, as infinity goes on in either direction.

The first thing we see up there today, is the clouds.  This is something we’ve talked about before, and everyone has studied the mystery of, in grade school.  What was it:  cumulous, cirrus, etc?  Better terms would be fluffy, feathery, or ‘full-cover’.  So what’s the mystery about clouds?  Maybe it’s in the wind that helped to put them there.  My Boss says in His Book, that you “…cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.” (John 3:8)

Thanks Boss, for holding the Earth in exactly the right spot, and for sending the wind to remind us of You

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