(Picture the same as yesterday, except brighter today.)

The next thing coming down from the trees (to continue our “work” of noticing things), would be roof-tops and chimneys.  Hmmm… what could be interesting, exciting, mysterious–about rooftops?

One of those words has tipped me off:  “exciting”. (“Wow, a *rooftop*!  Look mummy, a rooftop!!”)  Nah, not exciting in themselves, but how about being on top of one?  Have you ever seen a ladder, and suddenly felt an urge to climb to the top?  A lot of my counterparts do like being up high; you hear stories of them padding along windowsills 23 stories up.  (Me, I don’t even visit the top of the fridge.)

But believe it or not, The Mom had a cousin living next door once, who liked to climb out her bedroom window onto the garage roof, and just sit there enjoying the view!  I guess things do look quite different from way up there.

Thanks Boss, for a different perspective.  Help people to get the view from High Up, sometimes!

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