Straight, but not simple

(Hey, it’s only minus 10 celsius today!)

The next thing under rooftops, is houses of course.  What immediately comes to mind is how squarish and straight all the lines are.  Is there anything in nature like that?  Have you ever seen a square flower?  Or a rectangular tree?  Some plants do stick up ram-rod straight, but most tend to be at least a little slanted.

Of course, the straight man-made lines are meant to be firm and strong.  If you think of it, most things in nature are kind of soft, and can break easily enough. (Even rock breaks down to gravel.) 

And the One who made them all, was willingly broken…

Thanks Boss, for straight lines to keep us safe, and round ones to make us comfortable.  And when people feel like they’re so broken they can never be fixed, help them to know that You can hold them together.

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