Next in our yard (minus 20 celsius out there this morning!!) is a tree called a “Green Spire Linden”.  The story behind this tree involves another tree.  You see, it used to be a “Spiny Greek” juniper.  Not that it morphed from that…

The Spiny Greek was getting fat, and rather tall, but the main thing was it’s uncomfortably prickly branches.  So it got taken down and replaced with the Linden.

So now the Linden is *very* tall and wide, but at least it’s not prickly!  It also provides a lot of shade in the summer, but lets the sun shine through in colder seasons.  Most lovely are the scented blossoms in June, and the rustling of its leaves… aahhh!  Let that take you to another place and time!

Thanks Boss, for the promise of Spring!

–Our Linden leaves and blossoms–

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