Time passes

The tree that is in the centre of our vision from this comfortable seat, is also centred in our window-picture (minus 17 celsius out there today, windy but mostly sunny), being just the right height and width.  It’s quite different from the other trees we’ve talked about, in that it’s ever green—a Spruce tree.

This tree is the same age as The Boy.  When it was first planted, it was about half of his 2-year-old height, but now it must be about twice his height.  (Could you use that to calculate his age?  Never mind—he’ll be 20 this year.)

I’m sitting here waiting for something profound to come out of that… I guess The Boy can be quite profound himself, sometimes… at least that doesn’t keep him from giving me treats!

Thanks Boss, for creating such interest in contrasts, like deciduous and evergreen, tall and short, fast-growing and slower, simple meanings and profound truths!

The Boy and me, listening to our short wave radio a few years ago.

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