Who’s Silly?

Just in case anyone is getting tired of this silliness, a reminder that this is a “stop & rest” point, for The Mom—and she’s been putting so much on her calendar these days, that she needs it all the more.  Anyway, when was the last time you stopped to consider the height of a tree, or a pine cone, etc.?

(If you just looked out the window at the weather, it might get boring, as today is much the same—except that it’s only minus 14 today.)

Now, there’s also the interesting “antics” of man to notice out there, like the other day when we talked about his desire to make things so strong and secure.  Today I bring your attention to a shed.  Not a simple shed, mind you, but one with fibre-glass siding, a tile roof with eaves—the whole bit.  How often humans put so much effort, time, expense and fanciness into something so small and insignificant!

Thanks Boss, for making me a cat, with much less to do and think about!  Help people to take time out sometimes just to be like me.

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