Spring will come

Okay, we go from ‘tree’ to ‘bush’ today.  The tallest bush here is called “Forsythia”, but The Mom likes to call it her “Easter Tree”, because it usually blossoms right around Easter time.  Last year as I recall, there was a debate about whether or not it would even bloom—it had only a couple of yellow flowers on it by Easter Sunday.  But it did eventually become covered with yellow, just a little late last year.

In years when it doesn’t bloom, it still gets covered with leaves.  Remember, no matter how gloomy you feel on a cold, cloudy day like today, no amount of winter can keep Spring from coming!

Thanks Boss, for things that can be counted on, for reminders of Your faithfulness.

(Maybe I’ll just sleep til Spring comes!  In the window behind me you can see the bush under discussion, all bare and scraggly at this time of year, right beside the spruce tree from the other day’s post.)

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