Memory & Mystery

At this point it seems better to begin moving across, rather than down; meaning we’ll explore the back yard from the back towards us, rather than taking each next-tallest thing.  But speaking of exploring the back yard, and since yesterday was a memory-thing, here’s another memory. 

It was a warm summer day, and The Mom and her mom were lying on the grass out there, just enjoying it.  The Boy was only 2 or 3 years old, and still being fascinated with learning about his immediate surroundings.  That day he discovered the perimeter of his back yard:  he walked around and around it, following the fence, then around the shed, then the back of the house, etc.  He just kept going–following it again and again.  His “audience” watched quietly, smiling to each other; finding it wonderful to see how he was implanting a “picture” in his mind about the shape & feel of his small back yard.

Of course, it’s an amazing mystery to us, how these things *can* be “pictures”, in his mind… as much as it’s a mystery to him, what pictures and colours really are!

Thanks Boss, for the beautiful mysteries that we need not understand!

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