Wild Roses

Beside the juniper we spoke of yesterday, is a wild rose bush.  It’s very spindly-looking in the winter, of course.  These things grow wild in places, and when this one was transferred to this yard, it certainly acted “wild” in its growth habit.  But it wouldn’t blossom.  It got moved from place to place, and year after year it would not blossom.

One reason was that The Mom was treating it like a cultured plant, instead of a wild one, by trimming it down every fall; like you do with most cultured rose bushes.  Finally she discovered that this one is not supposed to be trimmed down.  So now it does bloom, with the most lovely scent.

It goes to show that you must think carefully before treating everything the same!

Thanks Boss, that You know exactly what kind of plant each person is, so You know exactly what they need, to blossom!

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