Different Types

Excuse me, but I’m just trying to keep The Mom under control here, this morning.  She’s read about herself, that she is “inspired by joyful celebration”, so she needs settling down.

Let me explain.  There’s a book called “Sacred Pathways”, by Gary Thomas, in which he describes 9 different types of worshippers:  Naturalists, Caregivers, Sensates, Enthusiasts, Traditionalists, Contemplatives, Ascetics, Activists and Intellectuals.  There is no question of course, that The Mom is an Enthusiast (I was only teasing to suggest that she’s acting like it because she read it first). 

This is one of those things where you answer a bunch of questions, and your score determines which one you are.  The Mom thought she’d be close to many of the others, but reading the page about them shows that the questionnaire was definitely right.  As it says, “let [her] clap [her] hands, shout ‘Amen!’ and dance in [her] excitement, that’s all [she] asks…”  She’s also very close to being a Sensate: “loving God with the senses”.

Anyway, each section gives a list of verses to read, for that particular type of person; The Mom read hers, and it got her all excited!  (In particular, 1 Chronicles 16.)

Thanks Boss, for making such an interesting variety of people!

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