Melting moments

Well, don’t worry about The Mom (see yesterday’s post), her parents came and gave her fifty presents!!  The “crowning” one (that brought tears to her eyes) is a heart-shaped wooden box, that her Dad painted black, and her Mom put black & white pictures all over.  You can lift the bottom part of the heart, on hinges, and there are more pictures under the lid.  The pictures are all of The Family (all three of them), in different stages of their lives; several of The Mom when she was very little, and of The Boy.  Though neither of them are very clear or large, in this picture you can see two other pictures:  a larger one on the box of Sam from kindergarten, and off to the left side of the picture there happens to be his graduation picture.


And on a different note, here’s a picture of that frog in my backyard, peaking out from the melting snow… even though it’s been very cold the last couple of days, we did have some mild temperatures soon after the last snowfall.


Thanks Boss, for changing seasons, melting snow and melting hearts.

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