Through the difficult things to the good thing

Things are getting quite hectic around here.  In three days we leave for Florida–The Whole Family, including me, The Cat!  They usually leave me behind, but (rightly) figured 3 weeks would be too long & lonely for me.  Mind you, the trauma of outside, strange places, moving vehicle, etc., may give me a heart attack, but better that than heartsick loneliness… I think!

Today I’ll get some practice, since it’s v-e-t day… yikes!!

Meanwhile, the snow has once again covered the frog out back, so Florida is looking good.  The Mom has been busily baking and stocking up the trailer, so that our gluten-intolerant Boy will not starve.

The Mom insisted I put up a picture to show that she doesn’t look all melted in real life (as in the second picture posted on her birthday).  So in the userpics, you can see the two photos that combine to make this default one.

Thanks Boss, that You said perfect love casts out fear…!!

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