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Tower of Babel

People love to “make a name for themselves”, don’t they?  Not everyone actively pursues popularity and power, but most people love to create something spectacular, or say something very relevant and profound (like here?) “Look what I can do!” Henri … Continue reading

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The Message

Today we notice a couple of things about The Message–just to ‘whet your appetite’.  (Hopefully they don’t seem too disjointed.) First, a quote from The Mom, explaining more of the ‘why’ for her Lenten practise:  “Perhaps Lent is nothing more … Continue reading

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guilt, sacrifice, desires, life & peace

Over these last few days before Easter, I’m going to use The Mom’s devotionals from last year’s Lent, mixing some of them together and paraphrasing. (She was simply making comments and sharing from other people’s devotionals.) To start, there is … Continue reading

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Here’s a picture of one of The Mom’s favourite things from Florida (the shells on the ocean beach, not her foot!) And here’s a poem that sort of goes with that story posted before we left.  The Mom wrote it … Continue reading

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Here in Florida

Our last week of holiday in Florida is at a campground where we can surf the internet and receive email, but we can’t send email.  So… The Mom’s Dad has sent an email saying “welcome back”, but she can’t reply … Continue reading

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story time; good bye for now

We’re going to be away for three weeks (unless during our journeys, we come across wireless somewhere), so here’s something to read while we’re gone.  It’s a story The Mom & I cooked up a few years ago, but actually … Continue reading

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a meme

1.  What is your occupation? Home Maker2. What color are your socks right now? bright pink striped slipper-socks3. What are you listening to right now? my husband’s squeaky rocking chair4. What was the last thing that you ate?  maple nut … Continue reading

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