story time; good bye for now

We’re going to be away for three weeks (unless during our journeys, we come across wireless somewhere), so here’s something to read while we’re gone.  It’s a story The Mom & I cooked up a few years ago, but actually a lot of it is true:  I do usually visit the v-e-t around this time of year (as you saw the other day), I do like to sniff the plants mentioned (but I never eat them–they’re poisonous), and of course you already know that I do spend a lot of time looking out windows, etc.  The thing that has changed since this story was written, is that no one has to go downstairs to the computers anymore–they all have laptops & wireless.

So, here it is divided into parts, so it won’t be too laborious for you.  The story is called “THE END”, and most quotes are taken from Ecclesiastes.

I sit here watching the rain.  And it rains, and it rains.  And it rains.  The rain is like me – it’s always there, always doing the same thing.  It’s raining, and I’m watching.  That’s what cats do – watch out windows.

Sometimes I watch out the French door-windows, sometimes I watch out the other windows from the backs of the comfy chairs, or sometimes I even climb up a different kind of chair and poke my head around a curtain and look out a different window, upstairs.  Even looking out from those windows—it’s still raining. 

Sometimes the sun shines.  “The sun rises and sets and hurries around to rise again.  The wind blows south and north, here and there, twisting back and forth, getting nowhere.” (1:5)  And I sit here watching.

Of course, cats do other things.  We sleep beside windows, when we’re not watching out them.  Or we sleep in comfy chairs.  Sometimes we hide away in warm beds and sleep.  The odd time we’ll entertain humans.  A lot of times we sleep on humans.  Lots of different things.  How wonderfully exciting.  Do I sound excited?  Yawn!

Humans are not much better.  They work with a different kind of “Windows” – they like to click on computers.  They come upstairs to eat, then they go back down to click.  Then they come up to sleep, then they go back down to click.  They do go outside – but they always come back in, pretty well at the same time every day.  Then they go downstairs to click some more.

And me, I just sit here – watching the rain.  Some drops splash, and some “splat”.  Soon I won’t see them anymore, because my eyelids are falling.  Yawn!  Do you ever think that there’s got to be more to life?  “But as I looked at everything I had tried, it was all so useless, a chasing of the wind, and there was nothing really worthwhile anywhere.” (2:11)

Part II

Oh, I HATE excitement!  Especially when “excitement” means – “going to the vet”!  OH!!  I’ve had enough EXCITEMENT to last the rest of my life!  From the cage, to the car ride, to the needles, to the DOG in the vet’s office, and back in the car…  I’m so EXHAUSTED!  No watching out the window right now for me, I’m going to curl up on this couch.

There’s always some sort of reading papers lying on the couch, but that never bothers me.  Sometimes I LIKE lying on top of papers, especially if they’re trying to be read at the time – it’s a sure way of getting attention.

Yuck!  What are those pictures?  Oh, photos of feline teeth…  feline?  That’s me!  What’s this about?  Must be something they brought back from the v-e-t.  “Peri-o-dontal (gum) disease” – oh yeah, that needle-guy WAS looking at my teeth.  Hmmmm… “The problem begins when plaque and tartar build up…”  (Humans think us cats can’t read, but we don’t let on to them how wise we really are.)  “Plaque harbours the bacteria which can infect gum tissue…”  Yeah, I remember now – he DID say that I have this “plaque” on my teeth!  “Recent studies have documented that certain heart, liver and kidney diseases are associated with these bacteria.”  Gulp.  Heart, liver, kidney diseases.  I’m smart enough to know that these are the things you DIE by.  So if I’ve got this plaque, I’m getting these diseases, and, (gulp!) . . . I’m going to DIE!?  Me?  Why me?! 

Oh WHY do I have to be so “wise” that I can read such things?  “For the wise and fool both die, and in the days to come both will be long forgotten.” (2:16)  They’ll weep for me at first, sniff! But soon I will be long forgotten.  Oh misery!  No, this is NOT the kind of excitement I was looking for.

Forget the nap, maybe I’ll – watch the rain.  But where did the rain go?  The sun is coming out.  I want the rain back!  Who wants sun, at such a time?  Oh well, it’s all the same to me – sun, clouds – who cares?  There are the squirrels, coming out to play in the sun.  I used to enjoy them.  But what’s the use?  What HAS been the use of ANYTHING?  It all ends some day.  Even all that computer-clicking.  And going out, and coming in.  No matter what you do, it all… comes to an end, eventually.  “For men and animals both breathe the same air, and both die.” (3:19)  So why DO anything?  Why make something of your life if it’s just going to be destroyed, erased, deleted?  There’s just no purpose in it! 

Good-bye, Couch.  I’m going to miss you.  Good-bye windows, good-bye sunshine and rain.  Soon I’ll never see you again! 

Can’t seem to get parts IV & V separated so they’re all in Part III…

Part III

I smell tuna for lunch.  Hmph!  You can keep your tuna – just give me my life back!  Don’t even feel like eating.  Oh woe is me!  What shall I do?  Run!  Hide!  Run upstairs!  Where to now?  Run back down again!  Run under the couch – quick!  Yikes, its dark here, this might be where Death is!  Quick – run out!  Run!  Run!  “No one can hold back his spirit from departing, no one has the power to prevent his day of death, for there is no discharge from that obligation and that dark battle.” (8:8)  I HAVE to fight this “battle” whether I want to or not.  But I say this fight has been fixed!

Speaking of fights, they’ve introduced me to “brushing your teeth”.  That’s what happens when you have nothing to do… or so I’ve heard from the little kids’ song:

“When you wake up in the morning, and it’s quarter to two,
You don’t know what to do –
You brush your teeth; tsh tsh tsh tsh,
You brush your teeth; tsh tsh tsh tsh,”
(Little kids are known to love repetition, as you can see.)

 Why they should bother worrying about my teeth, though, beats me.  I tried to tell them that there’s no sense in it, since I’ m going to die anyway.  (Of course they don’t understand my language.)  They said that my teeth have to be brushed every day so that I won’t get “gum disease”. 

Hey!  . . . “So I won’t GET gum disease”?  That means I don’t have it yet, so… maybe I WON’T get any kidney, lung or heart disease, and THAT means – YES!!  I’m NOT going to die!  Not today anyway, or tomorrow or the next day!  Meow!!  I’m going to LIVE!

That stuff on the toothbrush tasted kind of good, too.  I LOVE “toothpaste” and tooth-brushing!  Hel-LO Couch, hello windows!  Think I’ll just sit here and watch the squirrels playing and the, ah… snowflakes falling!

Part IV

I sit here watching the snow fall, and the rain.  (This is a Circle Story.)  It does that all the time.  After the Winter comes Spring, then Summer, then Fall and then the Winter again.  It’s the same thing, year after year after year.  “The sun rises and sets and hurries around to rise again.  The wind blows south and north, here and there, twisting back and forth, getting nowhere.” (1:5)

The squirrels are chasing each other.  They always do that.  The computers are clicking downstairs, as usual (not by themselves, of course).  They go out (the humans, that is, not the computers), come in, eat, sleep, brush the cat’s teeth, and go downstairs.  I just sit here watching the snow fall.  Sometimes I watch from the French doors, and sometimes I watch from the other windows.  And the snow falls.  And my eyelids fall.

Well, I’m living for now, but – SOMEDAY I will have to fight that “battle”.  “No one can hold back his spirit from departing, no one has the power to prevent his day of death,” (8:8)  Really, it could happen any time.  “You do not know the least thing about what may happen tomorrow.  What is the nature of your life?  You are really but a wisp of vapour – a puff of smoke, a mist – that is visible for a little while and then disappears into thin air.” (James 4:14) 

Look at those silly squirrels, chattering at each other.  Hey Squirrels, no need to get emotional about it.  I’ll admit, I did get a little emotional awhile ago.  Don’t know why.  So maybe I’ve got a little while longer to live – so what?  A few more days to sit here and watch the rain, or the snow – whatever.  “But as I looked at everything I had tried, it was all so useless, a chasing of the wind, and there was nothing really worthwhile anywhere.” (2:11)


Part V

There’s that smelly plant again.  It’s an extremely interesting, absorbing smell.  It smells like outside – like outside AFTER the rain has finished its job of erasing the snow.  They had a plant like that last year, and here it is again.  It’s the same thing every year.  Just like the Christmas tree.  It comes and goes, and comes and goes again.

But I DO like this plant.  I could sit here right beside it, all day.  What’s this tag on it?  It says something.  Uh-oh, not that again, maybe I should be “wise” enough NOT to read it.  Well, but it CAN’T have anything to do with CATS.  Let’s see:  “Easter Lily:  a symbol of the Resurrection of Jesus, and of the hope of life after death for those who believe in Him.”  Life after death.  Life AFTER death!  Hmmm.  Wow – so that would mean that death is not THE END. 

That throws a whole new light on things! 

So… there could be a reason for me to keep reading, and keep getting smarter and smarter.  Maybe I should run around a bit and get myself in shape so when the time comes, I’ll be ready for this “after-life”!  I KNEW there had to be more to life, I just knew it in my heart of hearts.  “God has planted eternity in the hearts of men.” (3:11) – and cats?

It certainly gives you something to look forward to.  “In my Father’s house are many mansions…”  I wonder if there will be windows to watch out of, and couches to curl up on, in that After-Life?  Maybe there will even be computers!  I hope they have one of these “Easter Lilies” there. 

Meanwhile I’d better keep an eye on those funny squirrels.  So I’ll just sit here and… my, aren’t those snowflakes pretty?



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