Here’s a picture of one of The Mom’s favourite things from Florida (the shells on the ocean beach, not her foot!)

And here’s a poem that sort of goes with that story posted before we left.  The Mom wrote it many, many years ago.



Winter was winning,
The battle beginning
To show
That snow
Was having its way
That day –
Spring just gave up.

And then came the rains!
The dripping and slipping,
Leaving a stain
On snowbanks and slush-ridden streets…
Dreams of bare feet.

Such warm winds blew,
Concocting a brew
Of such fragrance –
Scent of something new.

Tides of snow and cloud receded,
Slush and puddles deleted –
Uncovering mud and grass,
The sun shone at last!

Wounded Winter is dying,
Rejoicing birds are flying
Into the blue, blue, blue –
Bright blue glorious
Day of Spring Triumph!

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