The Message

Today we notice a couple of things about The Message–just to ‘whet your appetite’.  (Hopefully they don’t seem too disjointed.)

First, a quote from The Mom, explaining more of the ‘why’ for her Lenten practise:  “Perhaps Lent is nothing more than a Demonstration Lesson, one that you actually live out.  Adults need these kinds of lessons as much as children.  Jesus often used word-pictures to get His point across.”

Next, a quote from the introduction to Numbers, by Eugene Peterson:

“The Bible… nowhere suggests that life is simple or even ‘natural’. We need a lot of help.

“We need organizational help. Counting and list-making and rosters are as much a part of being a community of God as prayer and instruction and justice.

“And we need relational help. The people who find themselves called and led and commanded by God find themselves in the company of men and women who sin a lot–quarrel, bicker, grumble, rebel, fornicate, steal–you name it, we do it.  We need help in getting along with each other.

“It follows that counting and quarreling take up considerable space in the book of Numbers. Because they also continue to be unavoidable aspects of our becoming the people of God, this book is essential in training our imaginations to take in some of these less-than-romantic details by which we are formed into the people of God.”

We close with a prayer, which is also a quote from someone else (Heartlight Daily Verse):

“Mighty Yahweh, Strength of Israel, Keeper of the Covenant and Fulfillment
Maker of every prophecy–you are my hope, my strength, and my future.  I
live this day in wide-open amazement that the Keeper of the Universe knows
my name, hears my voice, and cares for me.  Thank you for being my past,
my present, and my future, the Great I Am.  Through my Saviour, I pray.

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