The next two posts I’m drawing from, go together rather nicely: one is about corporate pride, and the other about personal pride. Remember that The Mom was reading Numbers, and at her church they were studying Genesis. The title of the sermon that morning was “My Daddy was a Pimp”–referring to the father of the Israelites, Abram himself, who let his wife be taken by someone else on two occasions, saying she was his sister.

The pastor does a pretty good job of creating an atmosphere of conviction (we are guilty), and grace (God in
His great love forgives and accepts us). He mentions the Crusades, and …

“actually worked his way up to our own church’s history, finally ‘pointing the finger’ at those of us sitting
in the pews today. This was an ‘owning up’, a confession–‘yes, we Christians are guilty, we at this church are
guilty,’ etc.  When my son first started to question Christianity, the Crusades was one of the things he held against it, and my tendency was to make excuses.  Now, he is writing a book about the history of our church, for a school project, and I have sensed the suspicion that we might not want to ‘own up’ to the inglorious parts of it.”

She closes off by saying that our young people “will only hear truth when they can trust us to admit when we’ve been wrong, and that everything isn’t always rosy.”

As for personal pride: Moses, the one God placed in such a high position (his older brother and sister were jealous, asking “Does God speak to Moses only”); the Bible calls him a “quietly humble man” (The Message). Of course, it was his closeness to God that made him so, for–

“The more you see of God, the more you see of yourself–it’s the way to know yourself for who you really are.  Of course, most of that knowledge is rather uncomfortable compared to God’s holiness.  From there, you begin to realize just how great God’s love is–to even take notice of one such as yourself.”  But God goes even farther, by giving us gifts to use for Him.  So it’s not: ‘Look what I can do!!’  Rather: ‘Look what God does!!'”

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