“Beyond Narnia”

This film (about C S Lewis) was excellent.  You soon see where all those marvelous writings come out of:  an incredibly bright mind (he had a photographic memory), as well as experiences that engraved character into him–sense and sensitivity.  I loved his comment that “I was an atheist who was angry at God for not existing!”
Our special guest Karen Pascal, the producer, said she was delighted to see that the audience “laughed in the right places”, but I wonder how many of us were also in tears, in certain places… the love scene in the hospital, where as a man in his 60’s he admits to Joy that he loves her–only one of the touching moments of the docudrama.
Another thing that impressed me, was that no one let the smoking get in the way of seeing God at work.  ‘Jack’ and some of his friends, his brother, his wife, all smoked–but they obviously had a healthy enough relationship with God in spite of it, and no one else seemed to take particular notice of it, beyond being honest enough to include it in the drama. (There was also the explanation by Karen that the ceiling in their home was yellow from all the smoking!)  I suppose smoking has become such a ‘bad’ thing in our day and age no matter what your philosophy is, and back in the 60’s is was rather accepted.
Anyway, if you’re a C S Lewis fan, you must see “Beyond Narnia”.

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