The Mom needs to “let off steam”, about a funeral she attended yesterday (her uncle passed away on Easter Sunday–she didn’t know him that well).

What kind of encouragement is it to announce at a funeral that you, as a minister, do not believe in the Resurrection–either of Jesus or of Christians?  Plus, a lot of “blah” about how everyone should believe in their own God.  (Believing it doesn’t make it true, and if someone is mistaken in their belief, isn’t it a good thing to point them to truth, especially when that truth would mean life for them?)

This after our own pastor’s Easter morning sermon where he talked about evidence–a lot about how uncreditable all this stuff is that’s been in the news lately about “finding the bones of Jesus”, and that box with “James” on it, etc.; and a couple of other things:
-if there was a dead body of Jesus, the local authorities would have put a stop to the rumors as soon as possible; instead Christianity exploded
-the disciples would hardly have given their lives in martyrdom… sure, people can do such a thing for something they believe, but for the disciples, they’d actually seen Jesus die–and why would they die in turn, for Someone who’s body they’d stolen, or who was only half-dead, etc.??

Of course, there are lots more evidences (read “A Case for Christ”, written by someone who started out as an unbeliever).

The problem about this funeral, is that there were lots of unbelievers there…. what a sad witness!

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