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), has inspired us with noticing every day some little sign of Spring… this year we really need the encouragement that Spring will come. Nothing can stop it!  So… let’s see if WE can notice something different every day.  Anyone who wants to be any kind of artist (including a Writer) needs to notice details.

So to catch up:  at our place (that back yard we’ve gone over so extensively before), the temperature is still cold: minus 3 celsius (around 25 F).  Right now everything is very wet, and the clouds are heavy and dark.

But…. But!

  •   there is NO SNOW on the ground
  • the water in the “frog-bath” is NOT frozen
  • the crocuses are STILL blooming (though they don’t open unless the sun shines)
  • we’ve seen the hyacinths poking up (it’s too wet today to check on them)
  • a few other things are beginning to struggle through the cold earth in the garden 

 This is taken through the window, but you can see the purple crocuses ree..eaching for the sun; and the frog is no longer up to his nose in snow!

Thank you God, for hopeful signs, and hopeful friends!

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