frog bath

No one asked why the bird/frog bath was in the tree (from yesterday’s pictures)… for that matter, why do we keep calling the bird bath a frog bath?  It’s because we have to be careful around here, not to attract mosquitoes (with standing water)–they can infect humans with a serious disease (“West Nile Virus”).  This started after The Mom bought the bird bath.  So she just uses it in the winter, for something interesting to look at in the snow, with the frog ornament in it.

Now, why was the frog bath in the tree?  Well, it’s cracked on the sides (being made only of plastic), and it gets full of water.  So to make sure all the dirty water drains out before putting it away, The Mom put it sideways in the tree.

You see, God sometimes puts us in strange places, in order to clean us out!


Thank you God, for insisting on doing the right thing with us, even if we don’t think we want it sometimes!

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